Andes Integración Logística opens an office in China and seeks to reach all of Latin America in 2025

The facilities will enable a direct communication channel for all customers of the group where the company is present.

CHILI. The Chilean company Andes Integración Logística, dedicated to international cargo transportation and the distribution of loads of different magnitudes, continues to grow. And to the offices it has in Chile (headquarters in Las Condes, Santiago Airport, Puerto Montt, Concepción and Iquique), Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay and the United States, there is a new facility in China, which It has been operating since June 21.

According to Cristóbal Huidobro, CEO of Andes Integración Logística, the new work space in the Asian giant involved an investment that committed some US$ 1.2 million and will enable a direct channel for all the group’s clients, that is, the eight countries where the company is now present with its operations.

’15 years ago, when we started this company, we set ourselves the challenge of encouraging companies to grow and always delivering the best service to our customers. Today, since two thirds of the group’s imports come from China, for us it was a strategic point to consider’, says Huidobro.

Next steps

Since the firm decided to start operations with 13 people operating from Shanghai, within the next three years they hope to open operations in other cities, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Dialan, Tianjin, Ningbo, Yingkou and Talian.

In this context, the CEO of the company comments that the objective of the team in China is ‘to enable a direct channel, leaving intermediaries aside, and taking charge of the import and export processes of our clients in first person’.

‘We have the expertise and we have the necessary technology to deliver a close and excellent service to our clients. And now, with our direct presence in China, this will be enhanced and will allow us to make processes even more efficient,’ he adds.

And he highlights that despite the fact that the firm’s main focus has been on exports, two years ago they inaugurated Latrans, a brand belonging to the Andes Group, dedicated exclusively to imports from different parts of the world to Chile.

“It is precisely this point, that of the Group’s imports, that we seek to strategically strengthen with our direct operation in China,” he mentions.

Projections and regional operation

Regarding the upcoming projects of the logistics company, Cristóbal Huidobro indicates that they continue to “continue to evolve, looking for new technological developments, especially through our ERP system, CargoWise.”

‘In fact, I recently had a meeting in Australia with the owner of CargoWise, Richard White, where the software comes from, in which we agreed that Andes Integración Logística will begin to be their development partner for Latam, where our Group has invested more than US$ 10 million in the last seven years’, says the executive.

Regarding the company’s next steps and the eventual opening of new offices, the CEO maintains that “we have on the agenda, from now to 2025, to finish implementing operations to cover all of Latin America.”

As an example of figures, in Andes Integración Logística Chile during 2022, 9,551,793 kilos of air exports, 27,918 teus of maritime exports and 35,889 teus of maritime imports were transported.